Insights from Hunter Biden’s Emails: Delaware Dealings and Electric Car Maker Investments

by Jessica
Joe Biden

Hunter Biden is expected to make an appearance in federal court in Delaware on Wednesday.

The controversies surrounding the president’s son and his business dealings have been ongoing for at least three years, with much of the scrutiny stemming from revelations found on a laptop leaked to the FBI and Trump political operatives, originally from a computer repair shop in Wilmington.

The recent focus has been on Hunter Biden’s international business deals, but a closer look at his emails sheds light on his business ties in Delaware from about a decade ago.

During the aftermath of the Great Recession, Delaware officials aimed to rejuvenate the state’s economy by supporting greentech companies.

Hunter Biden became associated with several firms seeking government assistance, and his investment and advisory firm, Rosemont Seneca Partners, played a role in linking these companies with state officials and the University of Delaware.

One of the companies Hunter Biden’s firm invested in was the now-defunct electric car maker, Fisker Automotive. The state of Delaware awarded Fisker a $ 22 million subsidy to build plug-in hybrid vehicles at a former GM auto plant near Newport.

Hunter Biden’s company was also involved in other ambitious economic development efforts in the state, leading to questions about potential favoritism due to the Biden name.

The emails reveal a pattern of cozy relationships between Delaware power brokers and businesses during a time of significant subsidy efforts.

State officials appeared eager to support Hunter Biden’s clients’ projects, and Hunter’s connections with government officials were often emphasized when doing business.

Although the revelations don’t seem to violate any laws, they raise concerns about the appearance of favoritism.

The Fisker Automotive venture, in which Hunter Biden’s company was an investor, eventually faced financial difficulties and bankruptcy.

Despite early hopes of economic recovery, Fisker’s failure had repercussions on the investment company Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, which had political connections to figures like former Vice President Al Gore and President Barack Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board.

Furthermore, after Fisker’s bankruptcy, Hunter Biden reportedly contacted Governor Markell to connect him with Chinese investors interested in acquiring the former auto plant. However, the outcome of this potential deal remains unclear.

In conclusion, Hunter Biden’s court appearance in Delaware is part of a long-standing controversy surrounding his business dealings.

The leaked emails shed light on his involvement with various companies seeking government support in Delaware during the Great Recession.

While there is no evidence of legal violations, the revelations raise questions about potential favoritism and the close relationships between Delaware power brokers and businesses.

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