A teenager from Nebraska has been sentenced to jail after taking abortion pills to terminate her pregnancy at 23 weeks.

by Jessica

Celeste Burgess, who was 17 at the time, has been sentenced to jail after taking abortion pills that her mother ordered for her online to terminate her pregnancy at 23 weeks.

She pleaded guilty to charges of “concealing or abandoning a dead body” after inducing a miscarriage and burying the fetal remains with her mother.

During the court proceedings, Celeste expressed fear and uncertainty about her actions, stating that she was scared and didn’t know what to do at the time. She also mentioned that the father of her child was allegedly abusive. Celeste expressed regret for her decisions.

After the miscarriage, both Celeste and her mother, Jessica Burgess, 42, buried and exhumed the fetal remains twice and attempted to burn them after the second exhumation.

A friend who helped them bury the remains also faced charges for attempting to conceal the death.

Abortion laws in Nebraska have become more restrictive, and at the time of Celeste’s pregnancy, abortion access was legal up to 20 weeks gestation. However, she took the abortion pills after the legal time limit.

Facebook messages between Celeste and her mother were discovered by authorities, showing discussions about purchasing the abortion medication online and instructions on when to take the pills. The Burgesses voluntarily showed the authorities where they buried the remains.

Celeste has been sentenced to 90 days in jail with 24 months of probation, and she is currently incarcerated at Madison County Jail. If she exhibits good behavior, she may be released after serving 53 days.

During the court hearing, District Judge James Kube highlighted the gravity of the situation, noting that it wasn’t merely a wrong decision, but one that involved the life of an unborn child.

Jessica Burgess, the mother, has pleaded guilty to several charges, including providing an abortion after 20 weeks, false reporting, and tampering with human skeletal remains. She could face up to five years in prison and is set to be sentenced in September.

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