After Seeing The Woman’s Bank Balance, The Knife-wielding Robber Returns The Stolen Money

by Jessica

Bank surveillance film taken in Heyuan City in mid-February in Guangdong Province in Southern China captured a robber armed with a knife threatening a female customer who was withdrawing money from the bank’s ATM machine.

With her life in imminent danger, the woman can be seen on the video turning over all the money she had just withdrawn to the robber holding her at knifepoint.

But then something very strange happens. The robber says he wants to check how much money the woman has left in her bank account, according to ATM machine records.

The robber soon discovers that there is absolutely no money left in the woman’s saving account.

After realizing that he has left the woman with absolutely no financial resources by taking all of the money she has just withdrawn, he is seen smiling as he returns all of the money he has just demanded from her before he is seen running away from the scene of the crime.

Police officials alerted to the robbery attempt ultimately captured a local man by the name of Deng.

According to police reports, Deng told them he was in desperate need of cash because he was unemployed, with no permanent job opportunity in sight.

Although this thief may have shown mercy to his alleged robbery victim, he was still detained by the police, although what charges will be brought against him are as yet unknown.

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