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Woman who married her son shares moment she knew there was ‘spark’ between them

by Jessica

A shocking revelation has left the world stunned as a mother and son openly acknowledge their unconventional relationship.

Aisylu Chizhevskaya Mingalim, a 53-year-old Russian musician, recently married her 22-year-old adopted son, Daniel Chizhevsky.

Their union was celebrated in a ceremony held at a restaurant in Kazan, Tatarstan Republic, Russia, on October 20, a development that has deeply troubled child welfare experts.

Aisylu adopted Daniel when he was just 14 years old while he was residing in an orphanage temporarily. She initially offered him singing lessons, and over time, a unique connection formed between them.

Aisylu is the adopted mother of four little girls and another boy, in addition to being the biological mother of a son from a previous marriage.

In Aisylu’s words, “Our relationship is perfect, and we can’t live without each other. We are on the same wavelength.” Child welfare services intervened, removing Aisylu’s five other adopted children from her custody.

This situation compelled her to flee from their small hometown to Moscow, where she is currently challenging the authorities’ actions. Some of her children were placed back into care homes, while others were returned to their biological family members.

The marriage between Aisylu and Daniel has sparked controversy in the Republic of Tatarstan, with some critics branding Chizhevskaya-Mingalim as a ‘disgrace’ to the country.

She insists that her relationship with Daniel is both legal and consensual, despite having taken him under her care when he was a teenager and raising him for the past eight years.

According to local media reports, Aisylu’s journey toward becoming an adoptive mother began when she encountered orphans during a film project with a Tatarstan TV station.

She now plans to move with Daniel and her other adopted children to Moscow to start anew, hoping to live freely in the Russian capital.

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