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The woman tricked a younger into living with her and her family, locked her in a cage, and severely burned her arms, and chest with a pot of boiling water on her

by Jessica

As per prosecutors, a 37-year-old woman named Alicia has been sentenced to 75 years in state prison for a horrifying ordeal in which she deceived another woman into living with her and subsequently subjected her to captivity and torture.

The victim, then 24 years old, endured unimaginable suffering, including scalding burns with boiling water, starvation, confinement in a cage, and isolation from the outside world.

Alicia was convicted of first-degree aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, causing severe bodily harm to a household member. Court documents reveal that Alicia lured the victim into residing with her, only to inflict severe harm.

Alicia poured a pot of boiling water on the victim, causing extensive burns to her arms, chest, and back. She also subjected the victim to starvation, confinement in a cage, and the isolation of her communications with others.

The victim had moved in with Alicia and her family in 2019, with an agreement that she would perform housekeeping duties, care for Alicia’s children, and attend to an elderly family member with disabilities in exchange for accommodation without charge.

Soon after, Alicia confiscated the victim’s phone and began limiting her access to food. Subsequently, Alicia confined the victim to a room with an elderly relative, whose health had significantly deteriorated.

The victim’s weight plummeted as she lacked the strength to tend to the elderly woman. At one point, Alicia even locked the victim in a dog cage for attempting to access food.

Furthermore, Alicia subjected the victim to further torment by pouring boiling water on her legs, causing injury. During an argument, Alicia inflicted severe burns on the victim’s arms, chest, and back by pouring a pot of boiling water.

Shockingly, Alicia denied the victim access to medical treatment for her grievous injuries. It was only the previous year when the victim managed to acquire a phone from a child and send a message to her stepfather, who promptly alerted the authorities.

Deputies responded to the distressing scene, where they discovered the victim weighing just under 70 pounds, her body bearing extensive second and third-degree burns. She spent six weeks in the hospital recovering from her injuries and severe malnutrition.

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