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Woman who divorced husband to marry stepson now have two children together

by Jessica

A Russian woman, Marina Balmasheva, has garnered attention for her unconventional love story. Marina first met her current husband, 23-year-old Vladimir “Vova” Shavyrin, when he was just a seven-year-old boy.

However, their relationship took an unexpected turn during Vova’s university years, ultimately leading to the end of Marina’s marriage to Vova’s father, Alexey Shavyrin.

Marina and Alexey had been married, but their union crumbled after Marina became pregnant with Vova’s child. In 2021, the couple welcomed their daughter, Olga.

Their relationship has been documented on social media, where they share photos and memories of their time together, including a nostalgic post by Marina where she shared a photo of her 23-year-old self alongside Vova when he was only eight years old, told Mirror.

This controversial relationship has faced significant condemnation, but Marina and Vova have remained committed to each other. In fact, they recently celebrated the birth of their second child, which Marina announced on Instagram.

Their unusual connection became even more intriguing when Marina disclosed that their new baby was conceived on the same day as their wedding.

Marina’s ex-husband, Alexey, Vova’s father, has accused Marina of ‘seducing’ his son, expressing his disappointment that his son had not previously been in a romantic relationship.

He mentioned that Marina would often leave their bedroom to go to Vova’s bed when he was sleeping, returning to their shared bed afterward.

Marina, on the other hand, has shared her thoughts with her extensive social media following, expressing both regrets and a sense of freedom.

While she admitted to feeling shame for disrupting the stability of the traditional family, she made it clear that she had no intention of returning to her ex-husband and no longer harbored anger or hatred towards him.

It’s worth noting that Marina and Alexey had adopted five children during their marriage, but Marina has chosen not to divulge any information regarding her current involvement with these children.

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