Woman collapsed when she saw the baby, ‘then the doctors did something incredible’!

by Jessica

Adopting a child from the foster care system offers a wonderful opportunity to provide a loving home while expanding your own family.

Children who enter foster care do so through no fault of their own, often due to experiences of abuse, neglect, or abandonment.

While slightly more than half of these children eventually reunite with their birth families, those who become available for adoption are often adopted by relatives or their foster parents.

In an inspiring story, foster mom Nancy shared that doctors successfully separated a baby girl who was born with a rare and complex condition—four legs and two spines—through surgery. This remarkable procedure was performed by a team of five surgeons during a six-hour operation at Advocate Children’s Hospital.

The ten-month-old girl, Dominique, is now thriving under the care of her foster family, who will continue to nurture her until she is well enough to return home.

Her foster mother expressed happiness with Dominique’s progress, noting that she spent only five days in the hospital and is doing exceptionally well at home.

Dominique was born with a parasitic twin, a condition where one twin does not fully separate during development. This twin relies on the body system of the other, receiving nourishment from her heart and lungs.

Dr. Ruge, a pediatric neurosurgeon, explained this unique situation. While Dominique’s family name was not disclosed by the doctors, Nancy has been caring for Dominique since her arrival in the United States for the life-changing surgery.

The foster family remains deeply attached to Dominique, sharing updates and photos with her family in the Ivory Coast. They look forward to seeing her continue to grow and thrive, even as they prepare for the eventual bittersweet moment of saying goodbye when she returns to her family.

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