Woman Arrested as 55 Dogs Rescued, 5 Puppies Found in Freezer

by Jessica

In Chandler, Arizona, a woman running an animal rescue out of her now-condemned home faces arrest after police discovered dozens of mistreated dogs and five deceased puppies stored in a freezer.

April McLaughlin, 48, was apprehended on Friday when authorities executed a search warrant at her residence. Concerned neighbors had repeatedly reported foul odors and hoarding conditions, prompting the investigation.

According to police, the home was in such poor condition that firefighters had to wear specialized breathing equipment. The majority of the 55 dogs rescued were elderly and had special needs. Unfortunately, many may need to be euthanized, as they were found without access to water.

Apart from animal cruelty charges, McLaughlin faces 55 counts of animal abuse. Additionally, she has been charged with one count of vulnerable adult abuse, as her elderly mother resided in the same home.

Court documents revealed that McLaughlin claimed there was nothing wrong with storing food alongside the deceased animals in the freezer. She admitted to operating the rescue for a year and acknowledged that she had taken on too many dogs.

At her initial court appearance, a judge set McLaughlin’s cash-only bail at $2,500 and indicated that a public defender would be appointed to represent her. As of now, there has been no specific attorney assigned to her case, and the Maricopa County Public Defenders’ office has not provided any comments.

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