Prince William and Kate Middleton take major decision for kids after cancer news

by Jessica

Prince William and Kate Middleton are making their children a priority as the Princess of Wales made a shocking announcement about her cancer diagnosis.

The Prince and Princess of Wales are headed to a retreat with children, Prince George, 10, Princess Charlotte, 8, and Prince Louis, 5, for more than three weeks to spend some time as a family, reported The Telegraph.

William and Kate planned the retreat to that the children are “given space to continue their childhood in privacy.

The decision comes after Kate gave a health update in a video statement issued on Friday. She had requested the public to grant her family “time, space and privacy” as she completes her treatment.

George, Charlotte and Louis have been at the heart of plans to disclose the Princess of Wales’ treatment for cancer, timed to fit in with their Easter holiday when they could ‘circle the wagons,’ the report stated.

Moreover, the Wales family will also not be photographed walking to church on Easter Sunday, with the rest of the remaining royals.

Previously, royal expert Gertrude Daly told Daily Star explained that “heartbreaking” reason to hold back her announcement.

She revealed that the parents “waited to tell their children and the public until after their children began their school holiday. That way, they could ensure the children were not subjected to gossip at school.”

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