Whoopi Goldberg Went Off On Rachel Bilson For Judging Men’s Sexual History: ‘Why Are You B*tching?’

by Jessica
Whoopi Goldberg

Rachel Bilson has been candid about her personal life through her podcast, sharing entertaining anecdotes. However, her recent comments regarding the sexual history of her partners have sparked criticism from Whoopi Goldberg.

During a recent episode of Broad Ideas, Bilson mentioned her preference for partners with a more extensive sexual history, suggesting that having a very low number of partners might seem unusual in today’s world. She remarked, “This might sound judgmental, but if a guy in his 40s has only been with a few women… But of course, it depends. Maybe he’s had long-term relationships.”

Although Bilson later backtracked, stating that it’s not fair to pass judgment in this way, the damage was already done. On a subsequent episode of The View, Whoopi Goldberg strongly criticized the actress for her comments about men’s sexual histories.

Goldberg expressed her disagreement, asking Bilson why she would complain if a man is happy with her and they are enjoying their time together.

Joy Behar, never one to shy away from discussions about sex, chimed in, humorously emphasizing that as long as one partner can locate her G-spot effectively, she’s satisfied and doesn’t require a long list of partners. She playfully added, “Get me one good one, right, ladies?”

“I’m sorry, I think it’s very odd that you’re concerned that he’s had sexual partners — any sexual partners. Why is it your business?” the 67-year-old cohost said during a Hot Topics segment on the issue. “Listen, men, traditionally, were taught to have many sexually partners. That’s how it was. Men could go and do whatever they wanted to do, and women were not supposed to. Now that has been shifting, and young women have been bitching about, you know, ‘Why are you telling me what I should be [doing?]’ Now, it’s happening, and you’re mad. I don’t understand.”

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