Whoopi Goldberg slammed for ‘gross and unprofessional’ behavior on The View

by Jessica
Whoopi Goldberg

There’s speculation that Whoopi Goldberg may have been caught enjoying a snack during a live episode of The View last Thursday. Fans pointed out that Goldberg seemed to be chewing and swallowing while leading a discussion about Jason Aldean’s song, Try That in a Small Town.

While Goldberg was not explicitly shown consuming food on screen, her actions led many to believe she had indulged in a quick bite just before the show commenced. This behavior did not sit well with fans, who considered it distasteful, unprofessional, and unnecessary.

One user took to social media to request that someone feed Goldberg prior to airing the show, citing that this wasn’t the first occasion the actress had appeared to eat on air. Another commenter humorously referred to the incident as Goldberg’s “Eat-talking” opening, mockingly apologizing for interrupting her brunch. Yet another viewer challenged Goldberg, asking her not to eat right before going on stage.

The general audience response suggests that viewers were not pleased seeing Goldberg seemingly eat on air. However, this isn’t the only recent controversy surrounding Goldberg’s actions on the show.

Goldberg has been facing intense scrutiny by The View’s audience and critics alike. It seems no matter what Goldberg does on the show, her actions become a point of discussion.

Monsters and Critics reported an incident where Goldberg was perceived as rude towards Sunny Hostin on the show. After Hostin corrected an error on Goldberg’s notecard, Goldberg responded with a sharp retort and a pointed side glance at the cameras.

Moreover, Goldberg’s reaction to Joy Behar’s phone ringing during a recording session was also met with disapproval, leading some viewers to even suggest Goldberg’s retirement. Furthermore, Goldberg has reportedly been a tad tense with the show’s producers, although the relationship seems to remain amicable.

While it remains uncertain if Goldberg will refrain from eating on camera in the future, hopefully, the criticism surrounding The View’s co-host will subside soon.

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