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‘The View’ Whoopi Goldberg, 67, Confirmed ‘Not Dead’

by Jessica
Whoopi Goldberg

Fans of The View were in a panic when Season 27 kicked off without Whoopi Goldberg. Reports quickly swirled that her health prevented her from being part of the Season Premiere with her co-stars. A combination of her absence, her health, and her age caused some to worry she might actually be dead. Was Whoopi Goldberg on death’s bed? Or, was she gearing up to become the next victim of a celebrity death hoax?

Fortunately, despite being too sick to be in the studio with her co-hosts, Whoopi Goldberg did make an appearance on today’s episode of The View.

Moreover, her co-host Joy Behar made an effort to get ahead of the potential death hoaxes with some light trolling.

The View Whoopi Goldberg, 67, Confirmed Not Dead

Stirring the pot between those who are pro and anti-vaccine, Joy Behar declared that Whoopi was not dead. She, however, felt the need to call attention to the obvious. Whoopi Goldberg had COVID-19 despite being vaccinated. Here’s what she had to say:

People write, ‘Well, she got the vaccination, how come she still gets it?’ Because she’s not dead, she just a little bit under the weather! If you don’t get [the vaccination] and you get the disease, you might die… this type of irrational talk drives me nuts.

Now, Joy Behar’s declaration about Whoopi not being dead — just being sick — was made prior to Whoopi making a surprise appearance during today’s show.

Bed-Ridden Whoopi Makes Video Appearance On The Show

On Tuesday’s episode, Whoopi Goldberg’s chair being empty was addressed. Sadly, her co-hosts confirmed she was homesick. She had tested positive for COVID. So, she had to stay home and get rest.

On Wednesday’s episode, Whoopi Goldberg did not let her COVID-19 diagnosis prevent her from being on the show completely. A video of Whoopi Goldberg was included during the top hour of Wednesday’s episode. The video featured Whoopi with a mask over her face as she shared a quick update on how she was doing.

I am not at Burning Man. I am not still in Italy. I’m not trying to change the outcome of the election. I just have COVID. I’m still testing positive. I have to have a clear test before I can come back, so it might be a couple of days.

Whoopi added that she was looking forward to spending time with her co-hosts again. And, she was looking forward to being part of the new season. Moreover, she also couldn’t wait to see the new desk they were using in person.

Fortunately, Whoopi’s video suggested she was doing much better since she first contracted COVID. For now, she was stuck in an awkward limbo until test results allowed her to return to work.

Are you bummed the new season kicked off without Whoopi Goldberg? Are you relieved to learn she’s not dead?

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