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Watch: Whoopi Doesn’t Realize Painful Irony of Her Hunter Biden Rant – ‘Maybe I’m Crazy’

by Jessica
Whoopi Goldberg

On a recent episode of “The View,” some former movie personalities took a break from discussing fashion and celebrity gossip to venture into politics, leading to some confusing statements. Whoopi Goldberg expressed her bewilderment over the prolonged duration of Hunter Biden’s case, which has been ongoing for seven years.

In an attempt to highlight the hosts’ apparent detachment from reality, Whoopi compared Hunter Biden to Jean Valjean from Victor Hugo’s classic novel “Les Misérables.” She suggested that like Valjean, who faced relentless pursuit after stealing a loaf of bread, Hunter Biden seemed to be endlessly targeted.

The discussion expanded to include Democratic Rep. Ro Khanna of California, who shared a similar sentiment, though he humorously referred to Jean Valjean as “the person who had a sandwich.”

To understand the reasons behind the case’s extended timeline, it’s essential to consider recent developments. According to a report from The New York Times, two IRS investigators, Gary Shapley, and Joseph Ziegler, testified before the House Oversight Committee, alleging that the Justice Department hindered their investigation into Hunter Biden during both the Trump and Biden administrations.

The investigators claimed that the handling of Hunter Biden’s tax investigation deviated significantly from standard procedures, suggesting a potential two-track justice system based on one’s connections. Key evidence, including Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop, was allegedly withheld from investigators.

Moreover, the Delaware U.S. Attorney’s office was accused of slowing down interviews, document requests, and search warrants, prompting calls for a special counsel to ensure a thorough investigation.

Some critics argue that the prolonged nature of Hunter Biden’s case reflects a double standard in Biden’s America, where nepotism appears to thrive, and political insiders seemingly evade consequences for their actions. This contrasts with cases involving parents labeled as “domestic terrorists” for speaking out about their children’s education, the January 6 protesters whose lives were severely impacted, and the American people facing corruption within high levels of government and civil service.

Despite the frustration over the apparent disparities, some people find hope in the recent rejection of Hunter Biden’s plea deal, believing it may signal a change in the prevailing double standards.

The discussion on “The View” shed light on the complexity of Hunter Biden’s case and the perceived inequalities within the American justice system, sparking hope for change in how political matters are handled in the country.

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