‘Who revels in such cruelty?’ Conservatives flatten Trump after reports of wounded vet comment

by Jessica

Donald Trump’s purported comments about not wanting “to see” a severely wounded veteran have ignited conservative pundits and experts alike who say the former president crossed a line.

Trump, who is said to have snarled about seeing a severely wounded veteran sing at an event held during his presidency at a military base, is now being called out on his alleged comments by Gen. Mark Milley.

Now, other conservatives are joining Milley in criticizing the former president.

Retired Harvard Law professor Laurence Tribe said the incident reminds him “of the time Trump mocked a reporter with a physical disability and a speech impediment.”

“Or when he dissed Senator McCain for having been captured in war and having endured torture,” Tribe added. “Who revels in such cruelty? The Man Who Would Be King, that’s who. No, thank you!”

Conservative attorney and anti-Trump activist George Conway answered Tribe’s question, saying, “Who is such a person?

A malignant narcissist—a soulless, conscienceless, and morally bereft individual relentlessly driven by pathological levels of narcissism, sociopathy, sadism, and Machiavellism.”

In a separate post, Conway wrote, “There is no nice way to put it. P01135809 is pure scum,” referring to Trump’s assigned booking number from his recent arrest in Georgia.

Former GOP campaign consultant Rick Wilson also said, “Trump’s loathing for an injured war hero speaks more volumes about his low, repulsive character than almost any of the other stories of his public or private behavior. I’ve read damn near every account of his degenerate, foul life, and this one still shocks.”

Former Trump supporter David Weissman on Thursday added, “Trump continues to show his disdain of American war heroes. This two-time impeach and indicted a–hole is no patriot.”

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