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White House Official Explains Biden’s Plan Should he Lose to Trump in 2024

by Jessica
Joe Biden

Aides and allies of President Joe Biden have begun admitting that there is a real chance he might lose to GOP’s Donald Trump in the 2024 election.

The group is anticipating a Trump candidacy on the Republican side, especially now that he is leading in the GOP ticket race according to polls.

Biden’s supporters, from seasoned politicians to grassroots activists, share a belief that he is the man who can steer the ship through turbulent waters.

They have seen him weather crises, both global and domestic, with a steady hand.

But beneath the veneer of assurance, a specter of doubt lurks, with there being the belief that he might also lose to the former President.

Among those afraid for Biden are his White House deputy chief of staff and his 2020 campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon, who spoke to CNN in her personal capacity in order to discuss politics.

She has said that Biden will embrace any outcome, and will accept his defeat the same way he accepted his win in 2020, should Trump beat him.

“The president has said publicly himself that democracy is still on the ballot. If you believed that to be true the first time, you have to believe that to be more true the second time,” she said on Thursday, September 14.

Trump has been keen to recapture the seat, even as some, including his own rivals within the GOP, claim that his efforts are majorly aimed at putting him in a place where he can tamper with his court cases.

But Biden’s team is also preparing for any of the other GOP hopefuls, including Florida governor Ron DeSantis, in the event Trump does not run.

“There’s no real delta,” added Biden campaign communications director Michael Tyler.

For Jef Pollock, a veteran consultant and pollster not directly working with the campaign, things might end up being even easier for Biden because of the ongoing fights in the GOP field.

He says that while it should be them fighting Trump and the others, the Republicans seem to be fighting each other, which is good news.

“With most campaigns, you need to drive a narrative about the opponent. In this one, the opponent drives the narrative against himself quite well.”

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