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What Trump Was Warned Would Happen in Every Major American City if he Clung Onto Power

by Jessica

In the aftermath of the violent attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021, tensions escalated within the White House as lawyers grappled over the fate of American democracy.

Pat Cipollone, the top lawyer, urgently advised Donald Trump to end his objections to the 2020 election and allow Congress to certify Joe Biden as the next president, but Trump refused to heed the counsel.

The breakdown between Trump and his White House legal team, fully detailed in a federal indictment against Trump, highlights the extent to which his final weeks in office were consumed by a legal struggle.

Despite being advised by Cipollone and his deputy, Pat Philbin, that there was no evidence of election fraud, Trump turned to outside allies like Rudy Giuliani and others, reports Associated Press on Thursday, August 10, 2023.

The plan was to launch what federal prosecutors deem a “criminal scheme” to overturn the election results. Cipollone has since admitted that Trump ignored his advice and went to others for counsel.

“It was being brought to the president by people who I don’t believe had his best interest in mind,” Cipollone told lawmakers in June 2022. “They were doing the country and the president, both in his capacity as president and his personal capacity, a disservice.”

The indictment, based on testimony from Cipollone and Philbin, reveals the internal conflict and desperation that characterized the situation.

The lawyers, who had initially been unable to disclose their interactions with Trump due to executive privilege, ultimately testified about their interactions, providing extraordinary new details used in the indictment.

The indictment describes how Trump’s attempts to remain in power were met with resistance from Cipollone and Philbin, leading to heated confrontations and contentious meetings.

The lawyers tried to warn others about the potential consequences of denying the election results, with Philbin even predicting “riots in every major city” if Trump continued to hold onto power.

As Trump’s efforts to overturn the election persisted, his relationships with his White House lawyers deteriorated further.

He convened meetings behind their backs and sought to exploit the chaos of the January 6 riot to sway Republican lawmakers to delay certifying Biden’s victory.

Cipollone even made a final plea to Trump to withdraw his objections and allow the certification to proceed, which, as all the others, failed.

When it was clear that they could not get Trump to listen, the lawyers began warning others about the grave consequences of continuing to deny the results of the election, asking them to abandon Trump.

Trump is now facing numerous charges in relation to the same, among them the attempts to overturn the poll results, but maintains that he is innocent and us being targeted for being a frontrunner for 2024.

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