Wendy Williams’ Son Faces Eviction Amid Financial Turmoil: Inside the Saga

by Jessica
Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams’ son, Kevin Hunter Jr., found himself grappling with an eviction notice after allegedly facing financial cutbacks from his mother’s funds.

Reports indicate that Kevin Jr. was served with an eviction notice for his Miami, Florida apartment back in February. This development came to light amidst revelations about his severed financial ties with his mother, Wendy Williams, during the airing of the Lifetime docuseries, “Where is Wendy Williams?”

According to details from The U.S. Sun, the eviction notice filing was initiated as “an action to evict the tenant from the premises.” The notice was issued due to Kevin’s failure to meet his rent obligations, with records showing a monthly rent of $3,731 and an outstanding sum of $4,317.08, encompassing unpaid rent for February.

Kevin Jr. received a three-day notice of non-payment of rent on February 6. However, by March 5, it appeared that the issue had been resolved, leading to the dismissal of the case by the building’s attorney who had filed the notice.

This recent eviction notice comes on the heels of a previous eviction incident in 2022, where Kevin Jr. was reportedly ousted from his lavish $2 million apartment due to rental arrears. This event coincided with Wendy Williams’ placement under a financial conservatorship. In court documents related to the eviction, Kevin Jr. indicated that Wendy had been covering his living expenses.

The docuseries shed light on potential financial exploitation within Wendy Williams’ family, with her nephew, Travis Finnie, suggesting that the family had been falsely accused of financial misconduct by Wells Fargo bank. Kevin Jr. addressed these accusations, refuting claims of extravagant spending and asserting that his expenses were necessitated by the high cost of living in Florida.

Travis further disclosed that Kevin Jr. had reportedly spent over $100,000 on UberEats and other food delivery services, utilizing funds purportedly provided by Wendy. He emphasized the substantial amounts spent on Kevin Jr.’s birthday celebration and rent, as well as the significant expenditure on food delivery apps, all purportedly funded by Wendy.

These revelations have raised questions about the handling of Wendy Williams’ finances and the implications for Kevin Jr.’s caretaking role in light of the legal and financial complexities surrounding their familial dynamics.

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