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Judge in Wendy Williams’ Divorce Case Claims Host is Financially Depleted

by Jessica
Wendy Williams
According to exclusive sources, the judge presiding over Wendy Williams’ divorce mediation with her ex-husband Kevin Hunter Sr. has claimed that the troubled host is currently without any funds as she undergoes rehab. Insiders familiar with their divorce proceedings revealed that during a December 2022 session, the judge made startling statements about Wendy’s financial situation. One source disclosed that the judge remarked to Kevin and his team, “The reality is that there is no more money.” The divorce mediation aimed to address Kevin’s claims that he is owed money outlined in their marital settlement agreement. Previously, he had been receiving payments as per the agreement, but they abruptly ceased in January 2022 when Wells Fargo froze Wendy’s accounts. Despite the judge’s assertion, no concrete evidence was presented to support the claim that Wendy is financially depleted, according to the source. Kevin and his team have repeatedly requested access to Wendy’s bank accounts and statements, seeking an up-to-date accounting of her finances, but have been denied access reported The Sun. The source, involved in both the divorce negotiations and early guardianship proceedings, revealed that Wendy’s accounts reportedly held ample funds when Wells Fargo initiated guardianship proceedings due to suspicions of financial exploitation. From the time the accounts were frozen until the judge’s statement about Wendy’s financial state, almost a year had passed. The insider argued that it was Wells Fargo, not Wendy, who halted the payments to Kevin agreed upon in the settlement, and the guardian subsequently continued the payment stoppage. They questioned how a financial advisor or guardian could cease payments outlined in a previous court order, raising concerns about the whereabouts of the money and the lack of transparency in financial records. Wendy’s guardian, Sabrina Morrissey, did not respond to requests for comment. Although the divorce mediation did not reach a resolution for Kevin’s payment request, he will have the option to file a motion for enforcement of litigants’ rights in court. Meanwhile, Wendy has been undergoing treatment for severe alcoholism, having been admitted to rehab after being rushed to the hospital in May. Her son, Kevin Hunter Jr., expressed concerns about her well-being and criticized the handling of Wendy’s situation by the guardian, highlighting the lack of communication with the family and the need for Wendy to prioritize her health and recovery over her career. Kevin emphasized that Wendy’s health should be the priority and expressed hope that the people around her would provide the necessary support. He believed something had gone wrong since Wendy returned to New York City, where reports of her not looking well began to circulate. Overall, the situation remains complex, with ongoing divorce proceedings, financial disputes, and concerns about Wendy’s health and well-being.

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