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Walmart Customer Drags Her Son Into Restroom — Then Customers Hear The Screams

by Jessica

In Utah, Jeannine Cherilynn Isom, who is not a dentist but a mother, made a perplexing decision to extract her seven-year-old son’s teeth. Despite her lack of dental expertise, Isom took her son to a Walmart where she purchased a pair of needle nose pliers and hand sanitizer.

Proceeding to a Walmart bathroom, Isom proceeded to extract two of her son’s teeth – a baffling and concerning choice given her lack of qualifications.

According to Police Sgt. Cameron Paul, Isom removed her son’s front teeth in this manner. The distressing situation came to light when Isom’s older son heard his younger sibling’s screams and rushed to seek assistance.

Shockingly, the boy did not receive any form of anesthesia, and as a result, his teeth were extracted in fragments. The pain and distress he must have experienced can only be imagined.

Law enforcement officials have unequivocally categorized this incident as a clear case of child abuse, a stance that aligns with the severity of the situation.

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