Vladimir Putin’s ‘body double’ needs urgent surgery to fix ‘spreading face’

by Jessica

A purported insider from the Kremlin has hinted at the possible disappearance of the alleged body double of Russian President Vladimir Putin due to concerns regarding his facial appearance.

The source suggests that the doppelgänger, whose identity remains undisclosed, may require further cosmetic alterations to maintain the resemblance to Putin.

Speculation surrounding the existence of a Putin lookalike who occasionally stands in for the Russian leader at official functions has persisted for years, purportedly as a security measure to safeguard Putin from potential threats.

Rumors suggest that the double has undergone extensive surgical procedures to emulate Putin’s facial features.

However, the latest revelations from the purported Kremlin source indicate that the body double may require additional cosmetic enhancements to ensure his continued similarity to Putin.

According to information shared on the Telegram General SVR channel, the doppelgänger undergoes regular medical assessments and consultations with specialists involved in modifying his appearance.

The source claims that during a recent examination, doctors recommended urgent surgical interventions to address issues with the double chin, cheekbones, and nose.

As a result, the double is expected to be temporarily unavailable for public appearances for at least three days within the next 10 days.

Despite these efforts, uncertainties remain regarding the effectiveness of the planned procedures and whether makeup artists will need to provide further assistance to maintain the illusion of similarity to Putin.

The source further suggests that the gradual evolution of the double’s appearance may not be a significant concern, as most observers are likely to perceive any changes as natural variations in Putin’s appearance.

Nevertheless, the increasing demands on makeup artists to ensure the double’s likeness to Putin, along with concerns about his tan and facial features, have presented challenges in maintaining the illusion.

Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolai Patrushev has reportedly acknowledged the situation but indicated that scheduling constraints may delay the necessary procedures.

However, the potential impact of any delays on the effectiveness of corrective measures remains unclear.

In light of these developments, questions arise about the long-term viability of using a body double to represent Putin and the broader implications for perceptions of political leadership in Russia.

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