Viral Video Alleging Biden Threat to Texas: AI-Generated or Genuine Concern?

by Jessica

On January 15, 2024, former TV judge Joe Brown, known for the “Judge Joe Brown” show, shared a reposted (archived) video on X (formerly Twitter). The video purported to feature an audio recording of U.S. President Joe Biden caught on a “hot mic,” discussing an issue involving Texas and illegal immigration across the U.S.-Mexico border.

In the video, a muffled voice resembling Biden’s can be heard saying, “We’re going to make sure those cowboys don’t stop the surge of military-aged men from entering. If we have to send F-15s to Texas there and wage war against Texas, so be it.”

The video’s caption, not written by Brown, questioned the perceived threat, stating, “Who is more treasonous, the tyrant or the people that let it happen? The president has just threatened to attack America. A hot mic caught.”

The individual in the bottom half of the video was identified as TikTok user @tennmountainviews. A review of their account suggested the video had been deleted or hidden, possibly due to commenters noting the likely fakery of the supposed Biden audio.

The same clip was reposted on TikTok and X, with additional shares on Truth Social, former President Donald Trump’s platform, Facebook, and Instagram.

Despite widespread circulation, there is no evidence to suggest that Biden made the statements attributed to him. Many comments under the video postings speculated that the audio was likely generated by artificial intelligence (AI). Users pointed out characteristics like speed, clarity, and emphasis on certain words as indicative of A.I. generation.

One TikTok user commented, “This is A.I. Biden does enough terrible things; we don’t need to make stuff up.” Another questioned the authenticity, stating, “Is that AI? I agree with Texas, but Biden doesn’t speak that.”

The video’s vocals and content appeared A.I.-generated, leading users to suspect a partisan effort to mislead online audiences. The implausible notion of a U.S. president discussing military aircraft attacking or intimidating citizens added to the skepticism.

The video circulated amid tensions between Texas and the Biden administration over access to Shelby Park in Eagle Pass, a known crossing point for migrants. The state refused the administration’s request for Border Patrol access, coinciding with record monthly migrant crossings in December 2023.

Efforts to verify the authenticity of the video led to inquiries to the White House, with potential updates pending their response.

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