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‘I Need To Leave OAN ASAP’: Staffers At The MAGA News Network Are Not Happy With Them Airing A Beyond Cringey Rap Video About Trump’s Arrest

by Jessica

Donald Trump’s deepening legal troubles have elicited a range of reactions, some of which have been quite sensational. Calls for civil unrest and even physical altercations have emerged, while others, including Trump’s spouse, have downplayed the situation. Amid these responses, however, one reaction stands out as particularly cringe-worthy.

The controversial MAGA network, One America News (OAN), added its own unique twist by airing a rap video that many consider embarrassing and distasteful. This video features Forgiato Blow, a rapper known for his overt support of Trump, collaborating with OAN personality Dan Bell on a song titled “Real America.”

In the video, Blow raps lines such as “If questioning the election outcome is a crime, then give me life!” while sporting a t-shirt featuring Trump’s mugshot. Even 83-year-old OAN owner Robert Herring makes an appearance, donning sunglasses and a flak jacket for reasons not entirely clear.

The Daily Beast interviewed OAN staff members who were also critical of the video. Some employees walked out during the last-minute filming, leading those who remained to reluctantly proceed with the project.

Responses from OAN staff following the video’s release were far from positive. Criticism was directed towards the host who allowed the video to be produced. One OAN anchor expressed a desire to leave the network due to their frustration with Dan Ball’s behavior, sentiments that seemed to resonate with others.

The video left such a negative impression that both current and former OAN staff members reportedly claimed they would remove any mention of their association with the network from their resumes after witnessing the video’s content.

Despite the backlash, the video seems to have achieved a level of success in terms of metrics. Dan Ball enthusiastically announced that the song “Real America” had climbed to the 11th spot on the Top 100 iTunes billboard charts in the Rap/Hip-Hop genre within the first 24 hours of its release, thanks to support from “American Patriots.”

In light of the diverse responses and varied impact, the OAN rap video has become a notable yet divisive episode in the ongoing discourse surrounding Donald Trump and his legal challenges.

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