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Vice President Kamala Harris Attributes Roe v. Wade Reversal to Donald Trump, Expresses Concerns About Impact on Women’s Reproductive Right

by Jessica
Kamala Harris

In a recent briefing, Vice President Kamala Harris attributed the overturning of Roe v. Wade to former President Donald Trump, expressing concerns about the impact on women’s reproductive rights. Reports by HuffPost outlined Harris’s belief that Trump takes pride in the plight of women who now lack the constitutional protection of a right to abortion. The Vice President shared her views during a national tour dedicated to championing reproductive rights, shedding light on her perspective regarding the consequences of Trump’s policies.

During an interaction with CNN, Harris stated, “The previous president expressed his intentions quite clearly. And fast forward to just recently, says he’s proud of what he did.” She emphasized that the anticipated Republican nominee appears pleased with his involvement in the recent wave of stringent abortion laws following the High Court’s decision. Harris remarked, “By inference, he is proud that women have been deprived of fundamental freedoms to make decisions about their own body; by inference, proud that doctors are being penalized and criminalized for providing health care, proud that women are silently suffering because they don’t have access to the health care they need.”

Harris underscored the gravity of the situation, noting exceptionally high stakes. Her comments followed the 2024 GOP presidential primary frontrunner, who boasted about his role in the reversal of Roe v. Wade as a miraculous achievement. He expressed pride in terminating the 54-year-old decision and referred to it as his “great honor.” ABC News reported that within a year of the significant Supreme Court decision being overturned, around 15 states eliminated most abortion services, while 13 additional states imposed near-complete or absolute prohibitions on the procedure.

Meanwhile, the Biden campaign unveiled a new television ad featuring Dr. Austin Dennard, a Texas OB-GYN and mother, sharing her emotional journey of traveling outside her state to terminate her pregnancy due to a fatal fetal condition. President Biden convened his administration’s task force on reproductive rights, criticizing Republicans for their efforts to prohibit abortion during the meeting. Julie Chavez Rodriguez, Biden’s campaign manager, addressed the press, condemning Trump’s role in overturning Roe v. Wade and highlighting the impact on women and doctors.

Vice President Harris is placing renewed emphasis on abortion rights as a crucial element of her campaign strategy with President Biden for the Oval Office, planning to intensify their efforts in advocating for women’s reproductive rights.

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