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‘USA is Going to Hell!!!” Trump Slams ‘Crooked’ Biden For US Women’s World Cup Loss Because ‘WOKE EQUALS FAILURE’

by Jessica

Donald Trump blamed President Joe Biden and the concept of being “woke” for the U.S. Women’s Soccer team’s World Cup loss, expressing his belief that the country is “going to hell.”

The USWNT faced an early elimination from the World Cup after losing to Sweden in a penalty shoot-out on Sunday. The game ended scoreless, and Sweden advanced to the next round.

Taking to Truth Social on Sunday evening, the former president targeted his 2024 rival, President Biden, and mocked retired soccer legend Megan Rapinoe.

Conservative voices on social media have also criticized Rapinoe for missing a crucial penalty shot that could have influenced the game’s outcome.

In his post, Trump linked the team’s unexpected loss to the state of the nation under what he refers to as “Crooked Joe Biden.”

He asserted that some players exhibited hostility towards America, which he claims was not seen in other countries. Trump associated the concept of being “woke” with failure, using it as a criticism of the team’s performance.

He also singled out Megan Rapinoe, attributing a negative remark to her while stating that the USA is heading towards disaster.

The post concluded with the acronym “MAGA” (Make America Great Again), a phrase associated with Trump’s presidential campaign.

During his time in office, Trump frequently clashed with Rapinoe, who publicly criticized him on progressive issues like LGBTQ+ rights and equal pay for women in sports.

Rapinoe announced earlier in the summer that she would retire from soccer after the World Cup.

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