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Here’s Why You Should Avoid the Updated COVID Vaccine

by Jessica

As the upcoming election looms on the horizon, the topic of COVID-19 is making a return to the forefront of public discourse. Recently, discussions have centered around a potential new COVID variant, leading President Joe Biden to request additional funding for the pharmaceutical industry to develop an updated vaccine.

Coincidentally, the media has reported a purported increase in COVID-19 hospitalizations, and several notable individuals, including Jill Biden, have contracted the virus.

The overarching message seems clear: brace yourself for the resurgence of COVID-19. But is this truly the primary concern at hand? During the pandemic, it became apparent that the vaccines did not offer foolproof protection against COVID-19, causing widespread skepticism.

In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) even revised the definition of a vaccine to exclude references to immunity. Despite reservations, if you decided against receiving an updated vaccine, President Biden hinted at the possibility of a new vaccine mandate.

It appears that the Biden administration is committed to generating demand for this updated vaccine, which has received FDA approval for all Americans aged six months and older. However, according to Dr. Marty Makary, a professor at Johns Hopkins, this new vaccine obtained FDA approval with minimal human trial data.

Makary voiced his concerns during an interview with Guy Benson on his radio show, stating, “They are advising every American, six months of age and older, to get this new COVID vaccine, yet it received approval with scant data. There’s a lack of human clinical trial data.

Pfizer submitted data from only ten mice, and Moderna, which also obtained approval for a new vaccine, did the same. This isn’t merely an additional booster; it’s an entirely reimagined COVID-19 vaccine they are pushing for everyone, even if you previously had COVID a few months ago. They appear unwavering in their determination.”

Moreover, the Biden administration seems poised to extend this untested vaccine to children, despite the fact that we’ve highlighted numerous times that children are not particularly vulnerable to COVID-19.

“The White House procured four times the number of doses for children this time around compared to last fall when they introduced the new Bivalent vaccine. The Moderna trial is now heavily promoted. However, upon closer examination, they administered it to 50 people four months ago, and one person experienced an adverse event requiring medical attention.”

With Pfizer lacking human trial data and Moderna keeping quiet about potential adverse effects, questions arise regarding their ability to bypass established regulatory processes. Makary highlights their prior success in navigating the system.

“They understand that the regulatory pathway for approval is well-paved,” Makary emphasized. “President Biden was advocating for its effectiveness and urging everyone to receive it before FDA approval even came through. This was a smooth process.”

Imagine a scenario where one in every 50 vaccine doses leads to an adverse effect. Historically, such outcomes would typically result in FDA rejection. Strikingly, the Biden administration temporarily halted the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine rollout due to a one-in-a-million risk of blood clots.

In light of this, the evidence raises a fundamental question: Why is the Biden administration vigorously promoting an updated vaccine that lacks comprehensive testing, purportedly to protect against a virus that is significantly less severe than it was two years ago?

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