Unmasking Trump’s Handshake Behavior: What Does It Say About Him?

by Jessica
Jim Jordan

Former President Donald Trump’s interactions are often scrutinized for the nuances they reveal, not just in his words but also in his body language.

According to Raw Story on Friday, October 13, a body language expert, Dr. Jack Brown, delved into Trump’s handshakes, providing intriguing insights into what they might signify.

In particular, he pointed out what he referred to as a “strong sadistic tendency” in Trump’s interactions with specific individuals, shedding light on the potential psychology behind these gestures.

Dr. Jack Brown’s analysis began with an examination of Trump’s handshake with Jim Jordan.

He noted that when a man shakes hands with another man and consistently pulls the other person’s hand closer to his own torso, it’s often an indicator of narcissism and manipulative personality traits.

In the case of Trump and Jordan, Brown observed that Trump seemed to pull Jordan’s hand very close to his upper abdomen, showcasing dominance in the interaction.

Furthermore, Dr. Brown pointed out what he deemed a sadistic aspect of Trump’s handshake with Jordan.

He highlighted the angle at which Trump bent Jordan’s wrist, primarily in adduction, suggesting a deliberate maneuver to inflict pain during the handshake.

According to Dr. Brown, men who employ such an approach in their handshakes may exhibit a strong sadistic tendency.

Transitioning to another handshake, Dr. Brown examined an image of Trump shaking hands with Democrat Nancy Pelosi.

He noted that when a man shakes a woman’s hand using the same “pulling-toward-their-torso” fashion, it not only signifies narcissism and a manipulative personality but also demonstrates a high correlation with misogyny, objectification, and a propensity for physical abuse.

In Trump’s handshake with Pelosi, Dr. Brown observed an additional component – an extreme degree of wrist-bending.

Trump appeared to bend Pelosi’s wrist in two planes, both in flexion and, to a lesser degree, adduction.

Dr. Brown explained that this is a deliberate action intended to inflict pain and, when frequently used, it correlates highly with sadism.

Analyzing these handshakes from a body language perspective provides intriguing insights into the dynamics of Trump’s interactions.

It’s important to note that body language analysis is a field that relies on subtle cues and interpretations.

While it offers a perspective on underlying psychological aspects, it is essential to approach such analyses with a critical mindset and consider multiple factors at play in any given interaction.

Donald Trump’s handshakes, like many aspects of his behavior, continue to be the subject of analysis and discussion, contributing to a broader understanding of the complexities within human communication and psychology.

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