Unease in the DNC Biden’s Primary Path Thwarted by New Hampshire Rebellion and South Carolina Anxiety

by Jessica

In a surprising turn of events, the DNC’s meticulously planned primary calendar for Biden is facing unexpected challenges, with New Hampshire Democrats defiantly proceeding with their primary despite party directives. Strikingly, Biden, though technically absent from the ballot to avoid potential embarrassment, is the subject of a write-in campaign by his party, introducing an element of uncertainty where losses remain unofficial and victories become claimable.

The DNC strategically positioned South Carolina as the initial primary state, confident in Biden’s purported invincibility there. However, signs of nervousness within Team Biden are emerging as the campaign invests heavily in South Carolina, a state traditionally difficult for Democrats to win in the general election.

Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have made four appearances in South Carolina this month alone, signaling a concerted effort to secure a stronghold. The campaign’s early deployment of on-the-ground aides and a significant financial investment, including substantial advertising on television and black radio stations, is raising eyebrows and suggesting internal concerns.

The historical challenges Democrats face in winning South Carolina add an extra layer of complexity to Biden’s campaign strategy. Despite Republican margins experiencing a slight decline, the notion of Democrats being competitive in the state remains a stretch. Biden, who should theoretically secure the primary effortlessly, finds himself investing considerable resources and attention, amplifying concerns about his appeal in the general election.

The palpable nervousness within Biden’s camp is exacerbated by the need for a resounding victory in South Carolina, a state carefully selected by his advisors. The pressure to dispel doubts about Biden’s leadership has become evident, with the campaign grappling with the task of generating significant enthusiasm among voters who appear lukewarm.

As internal turmoil simmers, Biden finds himself in a precarious position, fully aware that a substantial portion of his party may prefer him to step down. South Carolina, initially chosen to be a reassuring bastion, has become a litmus test for Biden’s political strength. Unfortunately, rather than projecting confidence, the situation only serves to underscore the challenges and vulnerabilities faced by the Biden campaign.

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