Ukraine Loses Over 2,860 Soldiers in Avdeyevka Outskirts in Past Week

by Jessica

Ukraine has lost more than 2,860 soldiers in the Avdeyevka vicinity, over the past week, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Friday.

Over the given period, the Russian armed forces have repulsed 65 counterattacks by the Ukrainian military in the Avdeyevka direction, eight counterattacks in the Donetsk direction, and three counterattacks in the South Donetsk direction.

Ukraine has also lost more than 1,970 soldiers in the Donetsk direction, up to 1,620 soldiers in the South Donetsk direction, more than 540 soldiers in the Kupyansk direction, and more than 295 soldiers in the Kherson direction.

Additionally, the Russian forces delivered 34 massive strikes with missiles and drones on facilities of the Ukrainian armed forces over the past week, the ministry said, noting that 24 Ukrainian soldiers surrendered.

“Over the past week, the enemy lost over 2,860 military personnel, seven tanks, including two US-made Abrams, 34 armored combat vehicles, 47 vehicles, 20 field artillery pieces, a US-made HIMARS MLRS launcher, and a Strela-10 air defense missile system combat vehicle in this [Avdeyevka] direction,” the ministry said in a statement.

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