Two Women Find An Abandoned Dog Tied To A Pole — And A Heartbreaking Note Lying Beside Him

by Jessica

Owning a pet comes with a lifelong responsibility and commitment. Sadly, not everyone understands the gravity of this responsibility, leading to heartbreaking situations. Blanca Cushman and her cousin, residents of South Carolina, came across one such distressing scenario during their errands.

They spotted a small dog named Scooter tied to a tree, all alone with no owner in sight. Realizing the poor creature’s plight, they couldn’t bear to leave him in such a vulnerable state. It turns out that Scooter was being given away by his previous owner, Eric Dugwyler, who had been arrested for narcotics possession. Eric didn’t want the authorities to take custody of his dog, so he entrusted Scooter to two of his friends.

However, once Eric was taken away, his so-called friends callously abandoned Scooter, leaving him to fend for himself. Blanca took it upon herself to share Scooter’s story on Facebook, seeking help and a new, loving forever home for the abandoned pup.

Thankfully, Paula stepped in and took care of Scooter with utmost care and compassion. She hopes to provide him with a safe and loving forever home in the near future. This heartwarming rescue effort highlights the importance of responsible pet ownership and the need for compassion and support in these difficult situations.

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