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Tucker Carlson Set To Interview Man Who Claims To Have Smoked Crack And Slept With Obama In 1999

by Jessica

Tucker Carlson has made an announcement about his upcoming interview with Larry Sinclair, who alleges having had intimate encounters and engaging in substance use with former U.S. President Barack Obama.

This is not the first time Sinclair has made such claims. He initially went public with his allegations in June 2008 during a press conference, which eventually led to Sinclair’s arrest due to an outstanding larceny warrant.

Tucker revealed his intentions to revisit Sinclair’s allegations in a teaser video shared on Elon Musk’s X platform. Following his departure from Fox News, Tucker has continued his career in broadcast journalism with his new show exclusively hosted on X.

In the teaser, Sinclair recounts an alleged incident dating back to 1999. He claims to have provided Obama with $250 to purchase crack cocaine, with Sinclair snorting it and Obama reportedly smoking it before both individuals purportedly engaged in a se*xual encounter.

Set against dramatic music, the teaser alternates between Tucker Carlson and Sinclair. Carlson questions his guest about Obama’s se*xual orientation and why the story did not gain traction during the 2008 presidential campaign. Sinclair’s response hints at a perceived lack of media interest in his allegations.

Sinclair initially brought forth his claims about drug use and a se*xual liaison with Obama in 2008 during a press conference in Washington D.C. Sinclair, who has a criminal history that includes forgery, fraud, and theft, was subsequently arrested due to outstanding warrants in his name. Additionally, Sinclair failed to provide any supporting evidence for his assertions.

In a recent appearance on Adam Carolla’s podcast, Carlson revisited Sinclair’s allegations and deemed them “evidently true” in light of recent discussions regarding Obama’s statements about forming “imaginary relationships with men daily,” which some interpreted as part of Obama’s humorous anecdotes from his college years aimed at impressing progressive women.

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