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Trump’s Worst Nightmare: Why Ivanka’s Testimony in Fraud Trial Poses a Terrifying Threat to Her Dad

by Jessica

Ivanka Trump, former executive vice president of the Trump Organization and a senior adviser in her father’s White House, is likely to be compelled to testify in the ongoing fraud trial against former President Donald Trump, Newsweek reported on Monday, October 23.

Despite Ivanka’s attempts to avoid testifying, legal analyst and former federal prosecutor Joyce Vance emphasized that she might be called a “fact witness.”

The trial concerns allegations of fraudulently inflating asset values within the Trump Organization to secure more favorable business deals.

Ivanka, who was previously an executive vice president of the Trump Organization and a senior adviser in her father’s White House, possesses significant knowledge of his business affairs.

Ivanka’s legal team recently sought to quash a subpoena compelling her to testify, arguing that she is no longer a defendant in the case after being dismissed in June by an appeals court.

However, Vance countered this claim, stating that Ivanka could still be called as a witness due to her involvement in specific financial transactions related to the lawsuit.

Vance pointed out that evidence presented during the trial highlighted discrepancies in the valuation of Ivanka’s penthouse in her father’s Trump Park Avenue property, making her a crucial fact witness in this regard.

“The [New York] Attorney General says that although Ms. Trump has denied it, she benefited from ‘insider’ pricing—she had the option to buy the penthouse for $8.5 million, but the Trump Organization’s financial statements valued the unit at $20,820,000.

Since this type of price manipulation falls within the core allegations in the lawsuit, James should be permitted to call [Ivanka] Trump, pre-trial deposition or not,” Vance stated in her analysis.

Vance also noted that Ivanka’s situation might force her to choose between loyalty to her father and potential perjury, underscoring the complexity of her legal predicament.

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