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Trump’s Visit To lowa State University Leaves Parents Fuming, Sends Emails Demanding Answers

by Jessica

Former President Donald Trump’s uninvited appearance at Iowa State University’s football game against the University of Iowa last month stirred up a wave of anger among fans, who expressed their concerns through emails obtained by Raw Story.

According to a report by Raw Story on Thursday, October 26, 2023, although Trump had a ticket for the game, fans contacted school officials to voice their discontent about what they perceived as the Trump “circus” overshadowing the beloved rivalry.

In emails addressed to Iowa State’s president, Wendy Wintersteen, and athletic director, Jamie Pollard, individuals raised a range of issues, including Trump’s 91 felony allegations, a history of not paying security bills, violent supporters, and a civil jury that found him guilty of sexual abuse.

Questions were posed about the message the university was sending, particularly to women, by allowing Trump to attend the game.

One email stated, “My only hope is that the true patriots and fans vigorously boo him out of the stadium and send him back to Florida.”

Another questioned the university’s decision, irrespective of political affiliations, emphasizing the negative message it sends to young women at ISU.

Despite Trump’s previous on-field appearance in 2015 during an Iowa-Iowa State game, some fans were confused about whether the university-sanctioned his most recent visit.

Concerns were expressed about the potential safety risks for college students, teenagers, and children attending the game, citing the behavior of Trump’s extremists as seen on January 6, 2021.

Fans also raised financial concerns, threatening to withdraw support if the university acknowledged Trump’s presence during the game.

One email pledged to cease financial support if the public address announcer acknowledged Trump, stating, “I will not support any institution that appears to support Donald Trump.”

Raw Story filed public records requests to obtain correspondence, bills, and contracts related to school resource usage and expenses connected to Trump’s attendance at the game.

The university, citing security concerns, denied access to certain information. The City of Ames revealed that six officers supported the event, costing $1,234.91.

Iowa State University Police made 14 arrests in the stadium parking lot for alleged “criminal mischief” on the day of the game, but these incidents were reported as unrelated to Trump’s visit.

Some fans questioned the allocation of university resources and expressed worries about Trump’s history of not paying bills related to campaign appearances.

In response to emails, Iowa State athletic director Jamie Pollard acknowledged the challenges posed by accommodating politicians, stating, “Although it makes things more challenging for all of us, there is not much we can do about it other than to plan for it.”

Pollard expressed a desire for politicians to stay away from the game, highlighting that attendees, including politicians, must have tickets, and discrimination against those with legitimate tickets is not possible.

While a Des Moines Register story on Trump’s attendance mentioned boos and obscenities, it also noted the enthusiasm of some onlookers.

The Associated Press reported on Trump’s visit to a fraternity house, where he tossed autographed footballs into the crowd. Inflatable Trump and Anthony Fauci costumes were seen in the stadium parking lot, reflecting the diverse reactions to Trump’s presence.

The controversy surrounding Trump’s uninvited attendance at the Iowa State football game underscores the deep divisions and passionate opinions that continue to surround the former president, even in seemingly unrelated events.

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