Trump’s ‘victim’ of false accusations charged with gruesome murder of girlfriend

by Jessica

A man who was praised by former President Donald Trump’s administration as a victim of false accusations by women has been charged with murdering and dismembering his girlfriend in California.

According to a report by Daily Mail on Saturday, September 30, 2023, Joseph Carl Roberts, 59, was arrested on Wednesday after police found the remains of Rachel Elizabeth Imani Buckner, 37, in a garbage bag in his apartment.

Roberts, a bail bondsman and former Navy veteran, gained national attention in 2018 when he was featured in a documentary produced by the Department of Education under then-Secretary Betsy DeVos.

The film, titled “Rescuing Men from False Accusations,” portrayed Roberts as a victim of the #MeToo movement, which he claimed had ruined his life and career.

Roberts said he was falsely accused of sexual assault by two women when he was a student at Savannah State University in Georgia in 2010.

He said he was expelled from the school without due process and denied his degree. He later sued the university and won a settlement of $300,000.

Roberts used his story to launch a political career in San Francisco, where he ran for city supervisor in 2018 as a Republican.

He also became a vocal supporter of Trump and his allies, who often attacked the #MeToo movement as a witch hunt against men.

According to court documents, Roberts was involved in Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election results in Georgia.

He submitted an affidavit to pro-Trump lawyer Sidney Powell, who is also indicted in Georgia, claiming that he had witnessed voter fraud in Fulton County.

He also testified at a state Senate hearing on election integrity, where he repeated his allegations. Roberts’ girlfriend, Buckner, was a singer and songwriter who had moved to California from Texas to pursue her music career.

She had met Roberts online and started dating him in 2019. She was last seen alive on Sept. 18, when she posted a video on Instagram saying she was going to visit Roberts at his apartment.

On Sept. 22, police received a tip from an anonymous caller who said Roberts had killed Buckner and cut up her body. Police searched Roberts’ apartment and found Buckner’s remains in a large garbage bag wrapped in duct tape.

Her head, hands, and feet had been removed and were not found at the scene. Roberts was arrested and charged with murder, torture, mayhem, and desecration of human remains.

He is being held without bail at the San Francisco County Jail. He faces life in prison or the death penalty if convicted. Roberts’ arrest has shocked many who knew him as a successful businessman and aspiring politician.

His brother-in-law, David Bossie, who was Trump’s deputy campaign manager in 2016 and chairman of the conservative group Citizens United, declined to comment on the case.

The Department of Education did not respond to requests for comment on whether it still stands by its documentary featuring Roberts as a victim of false accusations.

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