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Trump’s Unfounded 2024 Victory Claims A Bizarre Mix of Yard Signs, Voter Fraud Allegations, and Misinformation

by Jessica

In a peculiar turn of events, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump has made bold claims about his certain victory in the 2024 elections, contingent on incumbent President Joe Biden not engaging in alleged voter fraud, perpetuating his unverified assertions regarding the purported theft of the 2020 election.

Trump’s recent appearance on LindellTV’s revived Lou Dobbs Tonight program, orchestrated by staunch ally Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow, saw the former President reiterating baseless claims of a rigged 2020 election, asserting unequivocally, “We had a rigged election. 100% rigged.”

Beyond the contentious claims of election interference, Trump’s assertions took a bizarre twist as he contended that the sheer prevalence of Trump 2024 yard signs in Florida serves as conclusive evidence of his impending triumph. In a fervent proclamation, Trump stated, “I’m in Florida now, and I drive to various locations and airports and places. Every house has a Trump sign on it. Trump 2024. We got all the votes we need.”

Expressing apprehensions about potential cheating, Trump highlighted the extended voting period in some states, expressing concerns over the risks during the election period, a departure from the traditional election day or night.

In justifying his claims of electoral fraud, Trump suggested a transition to an all-paper voting system with voter ID, alleging that Democrats resist voter ID measures to facilitate cheating. He elaborated on the merits of watermark paper and advocated for same-day voting.

However, Trump’s statements during the interview were marred by misinformation, particularly in his claims regarding petrol costs, sparking a social media storm of fact-checking. Trump inaccurately asserted that petrol costs were soaring to ‘5, 6, 7, and even $8 a gallon,’ in stark contrast to the national average of $3.077 per gallon reported by the American Automobile Association. Recent AAA press releases contradicted Trump’s assertions, indicating a decline in gas prices. AAA spokesperson Andrew Gross explained that some fluctuations were expected, emphasizing the predictability of gas prices in January.

The controversial interview showcased Trump’s penchant for making unfounded claims, raising concerns about the credibility of his statements and their potential impact on public discourse.

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