Trump’s Secret Project 2025 and “Agenda 47” Exposed As Stunning Details Leave Americans Speechless

by Jessica

Project 2025, along with Donald Trump’s auxiliary “Agenda 47,” represents a concerted effort by right-wing extremists and authoritarians to transform America’s multiracial democracy into a White Christian nationalist plutocracy. Unlike typical conspiracies, which are secretive plans by a few to benefit themselves, Project 2025 is openly detailed in “Mandate for Leadership: The Conservative Promise” and discussed in public forums, reflecting years of strategic planning.

Anne Nelson and other experts have meticulously documented this decades-long effort to dismantle federal governance, deregulate industries, and remove consumer and public health protections. As reported by Newsbreak on Thursday, May 30, 2024, this strategy aims to establish a regime dominated by fossil fuel interests and the Religious Right.

Advisory board members of Project 2025 have been actively undermining American institutions at the grassroots level, with initiatives like Moms4Liberty’s attacks on public schools and the Koch-founded Institute on Energy Research’s opposition to climate policies. Project 2025 outlines comprehensive policy changes in three main areas: environmental regulation rollback, civil rights and public health dismantling, and consolidation of power in the Executive branch.

The plan’s environmental policies aim to undo clean energy measures and climate policies. Socially, it seeks to reverse rights for women and LGBTQ populations. Politically, it proposes a purge of career civil servants to centralize power in the White House, setting the stage for an entrenched authoritarian regime. Public awareness of the existential threat posed by Trump and his MAGA movement is alarmingly low, largely due to the failure of the American news media to adequately inform the public.

However, some journalists and media outlets continue to sound the alarm about the dangers of Trumpism and the broader authoritarian agenda. When pressed about Project 2025’s extreme stances, such as restrictions on contraceptives, Trump’s campaign distanced itself from these policies. In a statement, campaign representatives emphasized that no policies are official unless announced directly by the campaign.

The potential return of Trump to the White House in 2025 could have dire consequences for media freedom, with anticipated retaliation against opposition voices. A feature in The New Republic, titled “What American Fascism Would Look Like,” explores the profound impact of a Trump resurgence on American democracy. Federico Finchelstein and Emmanuel Guerisoli describe how fascism could be legitimized through expansive executive power, transforming the democratic system into an irreversible dictatorship.

Historian Ruth Ben-Ghiat, in “The Permanent Counterrevolution,” draws parallels to Mussolini’s rise, highlighting the dangers of autocratic ambitions. Project 2025’s advocacy for aggressive executive power underscores the desperation of the far right, given its unpopular policies and legal troubles.

From the fervent MAGA rallies to the strategic planning by figures like Stephen Miller and Roberts, Trumpism embodies modern American fascism. If Trump regains the presidency, expect significant upheaval as authoritarians implement their plans to maintain power indefinitely, fundamentally altering the nation’s democratic landscape.

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