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Trump’s Save America PAC Faces Financial Strain Amidst Legal Expenditures and Peculiar Payments

by Jessica

Recent financial reports from Donald Trump’s Save America PAC reveal substantial allocations for legal fees, raising concerns about the overall financial stability of the PAC.

Expenditures totaling $27 million have been disclosed for the former president’s legal expenses, prompting scrutiny over the impact on the PAC’s financial health.

Notably, since July of the previous year, Herve Pierre Braillard, Melania Trump’s long-time stylist, has received over $100,000 labeled as “strategy consulting.”

Initial reports in August highlighted payments of $108,000 to Braillard, and the latest filing reveals ongoing payments, despite concerns about the PAC’s diminished fundraising capabilities.

In August, CNBC reported a decline in fundraising for the Trump PAC, signaling a potential reduction in small-dollar donor contributions that had previously fueled the political fundraising efforts of the former president.

At that time, the PAC reportedly held only $3.6 million in its coffers. MSNBC legal analyst Lisa Rubin brought attention to the recent filing on social media, emphasizing the continual payments to Herve Pierre Braillard for “strategy consulting.” Monthly disbursements of $18,000, along with an additional $2,500 in December, were revealed in the screenshot from the filing.

While Trump’s Save America PAC still retains considerable funds and fundraising capabilities, the escalating legal expenditures pose a significant challenge as the former president navigates the election year.

The diversion of resources towards legal matters may hinder the PAC’s focus on campaign activities, potentially leading to further financial strain.

According to Politico, Trump’s substantial legal spending reflects a significant portion of his resources being channeled into addressing legal challenges, a trend expected to persist and continue incurring costs.

The financial disclosures provide a detailed glimpse into PAC spending, shedding light on both significant legal fees and unique payments to Melania Trump’s stylist.

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