Trump’s Pretense to Be The Acting President, with Forceful Power Revealed In A New Report

by Jessica

It appears that former President Donald Trump has been orchestrating a clandestine operation to maintain control over global affairs, complete with his very own “envoy” and shadow government apparatus.

Since leaving White House, Trump’s supporters have peddled the notion that he remains the true commander-in-chief, pulling the strings behind the scenes while President Joe Biden grapples with what they deem a “fake” government.

As reported by Daily Kos on Friday, March 29, 2024, while such claims may sound like the stuff of conspiracy theories, recent developments suggest that Trump’s influence extends far beyond mere speculation.

Enter Richard Grenell, former acting director of National Intelligence, who has emerged as Trump’s self-proclaimed “envoy,” jet-setting across the globe on covert missions to advance the former president’s agenda.

From brokering deals with authoritarian leaders to meddling in democratic elections, Grenell’s actions paint a chilling picture of Trump’s shadow government at work.

Reports indicate that Grenell’s diplomatic escapades have taken him from Guatemala to Kosovo, where he has unabashedly championed Trump’s interests, regardless of the consequences for democracy and diplomatic norms.

In Guatemala, Grenell brazenly interfered in the country’s presidential election, aligning himself with right-wing factions seeking to overturn the will of the people.

But Grenell’s meddling doesn’t stop there. In Kosovo, his heavy-handed tactics led to the ousting of Prime Minister Albin Kurti, a staunch advocate for democratic reform.

And with Grenell’s recent jaunt to Serbia, suspicions mount that Trump’s influence continues to loom large in the region, jeopardizing efforts for peace and stability.

Yet, perhaps most alarming are Grenell’s behind-the-scenes machinations in Turkey, where he reportedly attempted to broker a meeting between Trump and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Amidst the whirlwind of controversy surrounding Grenell’s globe-trotting adventures, questions linger about the legality of his actions.

While some have raised eyebrows over potential violations of the Logan Act, the specter of legal repercussions remains elusive in the face of Trump’s formidable influence.

As President Biden’s approval ratings soar and the Republican Party grapples with internal strife, Trump’s shadowy maneuvers serve as a stark reminder of the enduring grip he maintains on the political landscape.

With the race to save America heating up, the battle for control over the nation’s destiny has never been more fraught with intrigue and uncertainty.

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