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Trump’s physician releases medical records, saying “Cognitive exams were exceptional.”

by Jessica

In a recent release, Donald Trump shared a one-page document from his physician, Dr. Bruce Aronwald, offering a positive assessment of the former president’s health and wellness.

Despite Trump’s preference for fast food, the report stated that he has lost weight since leaving the White House. Dr. Aronwald also mentioned that he conducted a cognitive exam, deeming Trump’s cognitive abilities “exceptional.”

However, the report did not provide details about the specific questions or the exam’s format. Trump had expressed willingness to undergo a cognitive test in September, and this recent report claims that the former president’s cognitive exams were exceptional.

The report highlighted that Trump’s physical exams were within the normal range, and his most recent laboratory analysis showed favorable results, possibly due to weight reduction.

Contrary to his past skepticism about exercise, the report noted Trump’s improved diet, daily physical activity, and weight reduction, contributing to his excellent health.

The document concluded by stating that Trump, with his commitment to preventative health monitoring, is expected to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle for years to come.

“It is a 10-minute screening exam meant to highlight possible problems with thinking and memory,” said a New York Times report at the time.

The release of this health report comes on Joe Biden’s 81st birthday, as Trump continues to emphasize age-related differences between them. Trump, at 77, presents the report as evidence of his robust health and vitality.

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