Trump’s Outburst Over $464 Million Bond Ruling Shakes Social Media

by Jessica

Former President Donald Trump unleashed a barrage of commentary regarding the hefty $464 million bond he’s required to pay following his loss in a fraud case in New York State, taking to his social media platform Truth Social on Tuesday morning to air his grievances.

Trump’s legal team had previously disclosed that they struggled to secure an insurance company willing to underwrite the bond payment.

They consequently sought relief from an appeals court, seeking permission for Trump to delay payment until after the court rules on whether to uphold Judge Arthur Engoron’s decision to fine him $355 million for fraudulent business practices.

In a flurry of posts on Truth Social, Trump lashed out at the legal proceedings, asserting that the situation makes any prospective business considering a move to New York State “CRAZY!” He went on to lambast the Attorney General, whom he accused of racism and political corruption, as well as the judge overseeing his case, Judge Arthur Engoron, whom he described as a “corrupt puppet.”

Continuing his diatribe, Trump decried Engoron’s requirement for him to provide substantial funds as a bond for the right to appeal the decision.

Trump argued vehemently against this demand, claiming it would force him to liquidate valuable assets at potentially reduced prices, only to potentially win the appeal later and lose those assets permanently.

Trump’s posts on Truth Social painted a picture of frustration and defiance, with him characterizing the legal proceedings as a “WITCH HUNT” and decrying what he perceives as interference in the electoral process.

Engoron will not do what the Appellate Division has ordered him to do on Statute of Limitations. This has never happened to the Appellate Division before. Remember, he is the judge that fraudulently valued Mar-a-Lago at $18,000,000, and who was already overturned 4 times on this case, a record!

Engoron wants me to put up the ridiculous fine (I DID NOTHING WRONG!) before I get a chance to Appeal his crazed ruling – A first!


The Corrupt Political Hacks in New York, Judge and AG, are asking me to put up massive amounts of money before I am allowed to appeal the ridiculous decision. Never done before. No jury, no victim, full disclaimer clause, happy banks. ELECTION INTERFERENCE! WITCH HUNT!

I shouldn’t have to put up any money, being forced by the Corrupt Judge and AG, until the end of the appeal. That’s the way system works!

If I weren’t running for President, and leading by a lot, none of this LEGAL LAWFARE would be happening. ELECTION INTERFERENCE! MAGA

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