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Donald Trump’s Niece Says Her Uncle Legally Threatened Like Never Before: ‘Reckoning Is Just Coming Now’

by Jessica

Mary Trump, a prominent critic of her uncle, Donald Trump, delved into his psychology in a recent interview, labeling him a “grifter” and asserting that he only cares about himself.

Speaking in a discussion moderated by political commentator Molly Jong-Fast for “New Republic,” Mary Trump expressed her views on Donald Trump’s appeal and behavior.

According to Mary Trump, in 2016, many underestimated the impact of American racism and misogyny and a significant portion of the population identified with Donald Trump not for his perceived strength but for what she described as his weakness. She stated that people saw him as a “loser who’s failed” and admired the fact that he seemed to get away with everything.

Mary Trump criticized the myth of Donald Trump being a successful businessman, calling it one of the biggest scams. She argued that the perception of him as a champion of working-class people was fabricated, asserting that people supported him because of the groups he targeted with his rhetoric.

She highlighted Donald Trump’s ability to tap into white grievance, stating that he successfully connected with a sense of resentment that others had not.

Analyzing his behavior, Mary Trump attributed it to insecurity, describing him as a “dry drunk” who acts out of a deep-seated awareness that he is not what he claims to be.

She suggested that his overreactions to threatening truths stem from a fear of facing the reality of his true self. Looking ahead to the 2024 elections, Mary Trump acknowledged that circumstances had changed, with Donald Trump facing legal threats unlike before.

She described the current context as a reckoning, emphasizing that her uncle is under unprecedented stress and legal pressure. Mary Trump cautioned against underestimating Donald Trump, as was done in 2016, emphasizing that people mistakenly believed he couldn’t win due to his perceived fraudulent and racist image.

She offered insight into his psychology, noting that he expends significant psychic energy to avoid confronting the truth about himself, especially when faced with threatening revelations.

She pointed to Donald Trump’s appearance in a New York civil trial case as a sign that he cares about it deeply and views it as an existential threat that he must avoid at all costs. Additionally, she suggested that he still believes he can change the narrative surrounding him.

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