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Trump’s Loyal Congressman Ready To Impeach Biden

by Jessica
Joe Biden

Speaker Kevin McCarthy, a friend of former President Donald Trump, has recently signaled that the Republican-controlled House is seriously considering launching an impeachment investigation against President Joe Biden, as reported by Media Ite.

The House Oversight Committee has been actively trying to establish connections between Joe Biden and business dealings involving his son Hunter Biden.

While Joe Biden has repeatedly asserted that he was not involved in his son’s business ventures, Republicans claim to possess evidence suggesting otherwise.

One major claim made by congressional Republicans is that during his time as vice president, Joe Biden pressured Ukrainian officials to fire a prosecutor who was investigating the energy company Burisma, where Hunter served on the board.

Conservatives point to a video where Joe Biden is seen boasting about getting the prosecutor dismissed during a public event. However, it’s worth noting that the prosecutor was removed for not pursuing corruption cases in the country.

During an appearance on Fox News’s Hannity, McCarthy discussed alleged payments from Romanian and Chinese entities to members of the Biden family, but as of yet, no evidence has been presented to prove that Joe Biden personally received any money.

McCarthy also mentioned “credible whistleblowers” within the IRS who claim that the Bidens received preferential treatment.

McCarthy went on to suggest that the House might be heading toward an impeachment inquiry. He highlighted that the information uncovered so far would not have come to light if Republicans hadn’t gained the majority in the House.

He emphasized that the situation is approaching a level where an impeachment inquiry, which grants Congress extensive powers to gather information, may be necessary to fully investigate the matter.

Accusing the President of the “weaponization of government,” McCarthy drew parallels to the Nixon administration and asserted that the investigation would continue until it reaches its conclusion, potentially leading to an impeachment inquiry in accordance with the Constitution.

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