Trump’s Latest Maneuvers Backfires On His Face As Experts Slam As “Insulting” Filings

by Jessica

Former President Donald Trump’s legal team has ignited a firestorm of criticism with its recent bid to dismiss a case against him, invoking arguments of presidential immunity and unconstitutional vagueness.

As reported by Raw Story on Friday, February 23, 2024, legal experts have wasted no time in tearing apart these filings, calling them “insultingly stupid” and devoid of merit.

In a bold move, Trump’s attorneys argued that he was immune from the case due to presidential immunity, despite the fact that he was no longer president at the time of the alleged misdeeds.

This attempt to shield Trump from accountability has been met with incredulity and disdain from legal commentators.

National security attorney Bradley P. Moss lambasted the motion seeking dismissal based on presidential immunity, dismissing it as nonsensical.

Moss highlighted the absurdity of Trump’s argument that he had designated highly classified records as personal, noting that such claims cannot introduce new facts in a motion to dismiss.

Former federal prosecutor Joyce Vance echoed Moss’s sentiments, criticizing the lack of merit in Trump’s legal strategy.

Vance pointed out that the arguments put forth by Trump’s legal team had already been rejected by the court of appeals in Washington, D.C.

Similarly, Trump’s attempt to dismiss the case on the grounds of unconstitutional vagueness was met with derision from legal experts.

Moss scoffed at the argument, noting that it was a standard tactic used by defendants in Espionage Act cases and predicting its inevitable failure.

Even an account purporting to be run by a former CIA lawyer weighed in on the matter, highlighting inconsistencies in Trump’s claims about classified documents.

The account questioned why Trump would return some documents in response to subpoenas while attempting to conceal others, raising doubts about the credibility of his defense.

Overall, Trump’s legal maneuvers have been met with widespread skepticism and criticism from legal experts, who have characterized them as desperate attempts to delay proceedings and raise funds.

As the case unfolds, the former president may find himself facing an uphill battle in court, with his legal strategy failing to gain traction among those familiar with the intricacies of the law.

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