Trump’s Latest ‘Incoherent Speech’ Sparks Outrage Among Republicans

by Jessica

During a Friday morning discussion, the members of a CNN panel did not hold back their criticism of former President Donald Trump for his recent speech.

In this speech, he raised eyebrows by praising the Hezbollah terrorist group as “very smart” and delivering disparaging comments about Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu.

All of this occurred while Israel was grappling with an attack from Hamas, and it sent shockwaves through the political landscape.

As reported by Raw Story on Friday, October 13, 2023, CNN’s John Avlon, a prominent political commentator, emphasized that Trump’s speech had inflicted significant damage on his chances of re-election.

The panel highlighted the frantic efforts of Trump’s allies who found themselves engaged in damage control following what they deemed as “incoherent” comments on the escalating conflict in the Middle East.

Poppy Harlow, the show’s host, played clips of Republicans from various quarters condemning Trump’s remarks, setting the stage for John Avlon to express his profound disapproval of the former president’s statements.

“He cannot help but make it all about himself,” Avlon began, adding, “These are another series of rambling, incoherent, and unhinged statements from the former president.

He is attacking one of our closest allies during a time of immense suffering, essentially blaming the victim while commending a terrorist organization that targets civilians in Israel.”

Avalon continued, “In a rational political world, this would be an automatic disqualifier. It’s self-evident when you hear clips of Republican candidates vying for their party’s nomination finally speaking out against Trump and condemning his comments.

There is absolutely no moral justification for it, except that he views everything through the lens of his own self-interest, even in the face of a massive terror attack in Israel.”

CNN contributor Errol Lewis weighed in, saying, “In another light, we can see that the argument for Trump is unraveling before our eyes, and we’re witnessing his reactionary behavior as a result. He was supposed to be a successful businessman, but his legal battles are revealing otherwise.

On the world stage, he claimed to accomplish many things, like moving the embassy to Jerusalem, but Netanyahu’s stance is clear: ‘We are with Biden right now.’ This aspect of his argument is crumbling.”

Lewis concluded, “We can expect him to continue lashing out as he senses his chances of returning to the White House slipping away.”

CNN host Phil Mattingly added an interesting observation, saying, “It was intriguing to witness his team launch a formal cleanup effort last night with several press releases. This is not something they typically do in such a formalized manner.”

He ended with a quip, “I’m sure the former president will undercut that effort shortly.”

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