Haley Urged To Expose Trump’s Health Deterioration

by Jessica

George Conway, known for his marriage to Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway, has been a consistent critic of the former president. Recently, he voiced his apprehensions about Trump’s deteriorating state under mounting pressure.

Conway has urged Nikki Haley, another prominent figure in the Republican party, to step in and address the concerns about Trump.

Willie Geist asked his guest if he saw “fear in the eyes of Donald Trump” in his Tuesday night victory speech following the New Hampshire primary, which Geist called “the most ungracious political speech we’ve ever seen, victory speech, anyway, after winning New Hampshire, just grievance-ridden and going after Nikki Haley again and again.”

“Maybe he shouldn’t be, but he appears afraid of her?” Geist asked.

“Oh, he is,” Conway averred. “And this is part and parcel of what I’d like to talk about his pathological narcissism and his sociopathy. People like Donald Trump know that they are not what they pretend to be.”

“He talks about being a stable genius because he knows he is neither stable nor a genius, and he’s been doing that for years,” he continued. “And he knows deep down that he’s deteriorating under the pressure of the legal cases and as a result of his advanced age.”

“And kudos to Nikki Haley for finally going after him in the way that he needs to go after him, the way that people need to go after him, including the Biden campaign in the fall,” he said. “You need to needle him. It’s not the campaign has to be much as much a psychological operation against Donald Trump’s empty brain as it must be, attempt an attempt to persuade voters because the two go hand in hand.”

“You poke Trump, and you make him behave crazily, crazily, and then you point out the crazy, and then you point that out to the voters,” Conway explained.

George Conway’s concerns about Trump’s deteriorating state under pressure shed light on the importance of addressing mental and emotional well-being in the political arena.

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