“Zero Chance of Acquittal” in Trump’s Hush Money Trial, Says Former Lawyer

by Jessica

Donald Trump’s former lawyer has said there is “zero” chance that he will be acquitted and dodge jail in his hush money trial. Jury deliberations are expected to begin today after the panel receives instructions from the judge on the law governing the case and what they can take into account in evaluating the former president’s guilt or innocence.

The deliberations follow Tuesday’s closing arguments which stretched into the evening hours as prosecutor Joshua Steinglass accused Trump of intentionally deceiving voters by allegedly participating in a “catch-and-kill” scheme to bury stories that might obliterate his 2016 presidential bid.

Meanwhile, the defense targeted the credibility of star witness Michael Cohen, with Todd Blanche branding the ex-president’s former lawyer as “the greatest liar of all time” while urging jurors to quickly acquit his client. Trump faces 34 felony counts of falsifying business records, charges which are punishable by up to four years in prison. He has denied all wrongdoing and pleaded not guilty.

Now, former White House lawyer Ty Cobb, who represented Trump during the Mueller investigation, told The Daily Beast that the chance of an acquittal is “zero to none” while the odds of a hung jury are “real” but “not likely”. However, he said whether or not Blanche remains on Trump’s legal team is up in the air.

Last year Cobb said that Trump’s defense was weak in the federal case against him for mishandling hundreds of classified documents when he left the Oval Office and refusing to return them – but the former president hit back at the claims to denigrate the lawyer on his platform, Truth Social. He wrote: “Ty Cobb is a disgruntled former Lawyer, who represented me long ago and knows absolutely nothing about the Boxes Hoax being perpetrated upon me.

“His words are angry, nasty, and libelous, only because I did not continue using him (and paying him), and for good reason.” Meanwhile, a legal whiz has predicted the possible aftermath of Trump’s trial, shedding light on his odds of ending up behind bars.

In an exclusive chat with The Mirror, Gregory Germain, a law professor at Syracuse University, dished out his predictions on the likely verdict. He said: “I think the DA and the Judge are fully invested in obtaining a conviction. I think the judge will gloss over the legal issues in the jury instructions to allow a conviction by defining the legal issue around the propriety of paying hush money rather than the legality of paying hush money and how that relates to the document’s charges.

“I doubt that there are any Trump supporters on the jury, and I think they are likely very offended by Trump’s conduct in and out of court, and with the unethical behavior. So, even though only one juror is necessary for Trump to obtain a mistrial, and even though it’s a very flawed case, I predict that the jury will convict him.”

However, according to the professor, it’s unlikely that Trump will see the inside of a jail cell. He elaborated: “Because it would be so outrageous to sentence Trump to jail for a first-time non-violent Class E felony, and doing so would cause a constitutional crisis and betray the judge’s bias, I think the judge will sentence him to probation.”

Professor Germain doesn’t believe Trump’s hush money case will end there, as he offered another prediction. He continued: “Ultimately, I think the verdict will be reversed on appeal. If the judge sentences Trump to prison, then the courts will intervene quickly. If Trump isn’t sentenced to prison, the appeal will take its sweet time and be reversed after the election.”

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