‘I Don’t Want To Meet My Maker’ Trump’s Former Attorney Might Skip Testifying Due To Personal Safety

by Jessica

In an article by RawStory, Wednesday, September 27, 2023, Michael Cohen, former attorney to Donald Trump and now a prominent legal critic, has expressed deep apprehension about the potential consequences of Trump’s aggressive rhetoric.

Cohen’s alarm, articulated during an appearance on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” on Wednesday, revolves around his fear that such rhetoric could place witnesses in Trump’s criminal cases at risk, potentially leading to harm or worse.

Cohen’s warning comes at a time when the New York State court system has heightened security measures.

This move follows a significant ruling earlier this week, in which Trump and his adult sons were found liable for civil fraud.

The ruling added substantial weight to the ongoing legal challenges surrounding the former president and his business dealings.

The crux of Cohen’s concern lies in the tenor of Trump’s rhetoric.

Throughout his political career and beyond, Trump has not been known for mincing words.

His unfiltered and often combative language has been a defining feature of his public persona.

However, Cohen believes that this rhetoric has taken a dangerous turn, with potentially dire consequences.

Cohen, who has had firsthand experience working closely with Trump, understands the power and influence of the former president’s words.

He contends that Trump’s recent rhetoric, especially in the context of his legal troubles, could be interpreted by some as an incitement to violence or harassment against those involved in the legal proceedings against him.

The backdrop for Cohen’s warning is the civil fraud case that has cast a shadow over Trump and his family.

The court’s ruling, which found them liable, marked a significant legal blow.

It has raised questions about potential legal consequences and the potential for further investigations into Trump’s financial dealings.

The heightened security measures in the New York State court system reflect the seriousness of the situation.

Courts must ensure the safety and well-being of witnesses, attorneys, and all parties involved in legal proceedings, particularly when high-profile cases are at play.

Cohen’s plea is not just about his own safety but also about safeguarding the integrity of the legal process.

The principle of a fair and impartial trial hinges on an environment free from intimidation, threats, or violence.

When witnesses or participants feel threatened, it can undermine the pursuit of justice and deter individuals from coming forward with essential information.

As legal battles continue to unfold around Donald Trump, the impact of his rhetoric on the legal process and those involved cannot be underestimated.

Cohen’s warning serves as a stark reminder of the potential consequences of inflammatory language in a highly charged and contentious legal environment.

The case against Trump and his family is far from over, and the legal proceedings will continue to draw attention and scrutiny.

As they do, Cohen’s concerns about personal safety and the broader implications of Trump’s rhetoric will remain a crucial aspect of the ongoing legal drama that surrounds the former president and his business empire.

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