Trump’s flurry of ‘nonsense’ court motions is ‘burning through a mountain of cash’

by Jessica

Donald Trump finds himself embroiled in a legal quagmire, with his legal team deploying a barrage of filings in an attempt to stall his impending trial over alleged “hush money” payments.

However, these efforts have not only failed to delay the trial but have also drained a significant amount of financial resources, exacerbating an already hefty legal bill.

Despite numerous efforts to persuade Judge Juan Merchan to postpone the trial, Trump’s legal maneuvering has been in vain. With the trial slated to commence on Monday, the former president is left with mounting legal expenses and no respite in sight.

MSNBC analyst Hayes Brown sheds light on the exorbitant costs incurred by Trump’s legal defense team. Key lawyers involved in the case are reportedly commanding substantial fees as they endeavor to shield Trump from both legal repercussions and courtroom appearances.

Brown underscores the financial magnitude of these legal battles, emphasizing the significant financial burden imposed on Trump, despite the source of funding.

“The flurry of paperwork that’s been filed in the past few weeks helps illuminate how Trump is managing to burn through a mountain of cash.

Lawyering is expensive work, and the phalanx of attorneys Trump has to draft briefs and to argue before the bench doesn’t come cheap,” he wrote before adding, “The absurdly high amount Trump has been spending on legal fees really begins to make sense when you consider just how many hours are going into preparing this mountain of pretrial filings.

Much of the spending has gone through Trump’s Save America political action committee, which has been siphoning off funds from campaign donations and from a joint fund controlled by the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee.”

While Trump may not lose sleep over the mounting legal fees, given that they are ostensibly covered by political action committee (PAC) funds and donations from ardent supporters, the exorbitant costs are undeniable.

The relentless pursuit of legal strategies, including what Brown characterizes as “nonsense” motions, comes with a steep price tag.

Brown highlights the staggering sum Trump has expended on legal fees since vacating the presidency, surpassing $100 million.

Recent reports suggest that Trump shelled out $5.6 million in legal expenses in February alone, equating to approximately $230,000 per day. This astronomical expenditure underscores the financial strain imposed by Trump’s legal battles, casting a shadow over his post-presidential endeavors.

As Trump braces for yet another legal showdown, the financial toll of his legal entanglements serves as a stark reminder of the complexities and costs associated with navigating the legal system, even for a former president.

Amidst mounting legal challenges and escalating expenses, Trump’s legal saga continues to unfold against a backdrop of financial uncertainty and legal scrutiny.

“Every dollar doled out that helped delay this first trial has been more time that he’s been able to avoid accountability in the subsequent ones,” he added.

“It’s hard to picture how much more he’ll spend between now and November — but given that the vast majority of it seems not to be coming from his own pocket, it’s no wonder it’s a price he’s very willing to pay.”

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