Two Weeks After Its Launch, Checkout The Total Amount Raised On The GoFundMe Page For Trump’s Fine

by Jessica

The efforts to crowdfund former President Donald Trump’s civil fraud fine have hit a stumbling block, with donations to the GoFundMe page slowing down nearly three weeks after its inception, as reported by Newsweek on Tuesday, March 5, 2024.

The fundraiser, initiated by Elena Cardone, wife of real estate businessman Grant Cardone, was titled “Stand with Trump; Fund the $355M Unjust Judgment.”

It emerged in response to a ruling by Judge Arthur Engoron, mandating Trump to pay $355 million for perpetrating fraud.

The New York court found Trump and senior executives at The Trump Organization guilty of inflating asset values to secure more favorable terms from lenders and insurers.

Although the fundraiser initially garnered over $1 million in contributions within a week of its launch, donations have since decelerated.

As of the latest update, approximately two weeks later, the campaign has accumulated a total of $1,328,307 from approximately 23,500 donations.

With daily accruing interest until Trump settles the fine – an action he has deferred by appealing Engoron’s decision – the prospects of amassing adequate funds via GoFundMe to significantly alleviate the former president’s financial burden appear slim.

In response to inquiries from Newsweek, a representative for Trump was contacted via email for comment.

Todd Landman, a professor of political science at the School of Politics and International Relations at the University of Nottingham, opined that Trump would need an alternative strategy to raise sufficient funds to meet his legal obligations.

“The GoFundMe solution was always going to be a marginal effort relative to the sums that are required,” Landman remarked.

He continued, “I think the Supreme Court opinion from yesterday [in which it was ruled Trump can remain on state ballots] and the likely positive results for him after today’s primary contests in 16 states will reinvigorate his fundraising, but only for his campaign.”

“He does not appear presently to have the liquidity to settle the damages from his civil cases, which may require liquidating some of his assets under relatively unfavorable terms. Campaign funds can be used to pay legal fees, but not be used to pay legal damages, so he will need a plan that goes beyond relying on crowdfunding through platforms such as GoFundMe.”

As Trump evaluates his options to address looming legal fines, the Republican stands poised to receive a campaign boost on Super Tuesday, with over a dozen states holding GOP primaries nationwide.

Trump, leading the pack in the Republican primaries ahead of former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, also enjoys favorable odds to secure victory in the upcoming presidential election, according to bookmakers.

While the general election is still eight months away, recent opinion polls suggest a tight race between Trump and his Democratic counterpart, President Joe Biden.

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