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Trump’s Doctor Caught Blatantly Lying About His…

by Jessica

CNN’s S.E. Cupp and Jay Michaelson didn’t believe what Donald Trump’s doctor said on Monday via Media Ite.

The former president posted a letter dated Nov. 20, 2023, which happens to be President Joe Biden’s 81st birthday.

Though he is just four years older than Trump, Biden has faced the lion’s share of questions about his age. The two are likely to square off in next year’s presidential election.

The letter is signed by Dr. Bruce Aronwald, a New Jersey physician, who examined Trump in September. It states twice that Trump is in “excellent” health, and also that his cognition is “exceptional.”

In doing so, the letter echoes previous statements by Trump’s doctors, who have described his health in rosy terms. In at least one instance, Trump directed a doctor what to say.

During Monday’s CNN NewsNight, Abby Phillip asked her panelists if the letter was “some great trolling by the Trump campaign.”

I mean, no coincidence – Joe Biden’s birthday,” Cupp responded. “To be clear, he released no medical records, ok? That was propaganda. He released propaganda. We have seen no lab results. We’ve seen nothing other than whatever he told this doctor to say.”

“It encapsulates this whole election,” Michaelson chimed in. “On the one hand, Joe Biden? A little bit old. On the other hand, Donald Trump? A lying liar who makes up his own doctors’ reports and basically said, like, the cat ate my homework if that would get him an ‘A.’”

“We should also note, they’re just not that far apart in age,” Phillip pointed out.

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