DESTROY OUR COUNTRY: Horror is sparked by Trump’s Christmas assault on a court clerk

by Jessica

Donald Trump’s Thanksgiving message took a sharp turn into a diatribe against court and law enforcement officials he perceives as targeting him for political reasons.

The former president’s holiday greeting, reminiscent of his infamous 2013 tweet wishing “Happy Thanksgiving to all — even the haters and losers!” extended this year into a lengthy attack on New York Attorney General Letitia James, New York Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron, and his clerk, along with President Joe Biden.

The message left many social media users puzzled, with some citing it as another example of why Trump is considered unfit for a return to the presidency.

Author and global politics professor Brian Klaas commented, “If this is your idea of a good Thanksgiving message and you want this authoritarian weirdo to return to power, you might want to log off, go for a walk, and think carefully about your worldview.”

Sportswriter Jeff Pearlman tweeted, “It seems like, maybe, just maybe, the media as a whole can stop the ‘Biden is losing his mind’ narrative and, well, maybe look elsewhere.”

Author and professor Jeff Sharlet humorously remarked, “Trump discovering semicolons is like velociraptors learning how to open doors.”

Some users questioned the appropriateness of reading Trump’s Thanksgiving wishes at the dinner table, while others emphasized the former president’s continued expression of negativity, even on a day meant for reflection and gratitude.

Adam Klasfeld, senior legal correspondent for The Messenger, highlighted Trump’s attack on the judge’s clerk in his civil fraud trial by name on Thanksgiving, noting that antisemitic threats against her increased when Trump targeted her.

A social media user, Jeff Droz, commented on Trump’s growing boldness, suggesting that the former president feels untouchable, particularly after facing impeachment and realizing its limited impact.

“Happy Thanksgiving to ALL, including the Racist & Incompetent Attorney General of New York State, Letitia ‘Peekaboo’ James, who has let Murder & Violent Crime FLOURISH, & Businesses FLEE; the Radical Left Trump Hating Judge, a ‘Psycho,’ Arthur Engoron, who Criminally Defrauded the State of New York, & ME, by purposely Valuing my Assets at a ‘tiny’ Fraction of what they are really worth in order to convict me of Fraud before even a Trial, or seeing any PROOF, & used his Politically Biased & Corrupt Campaign Finance Violator, Chief Clerk Alison Greenfield, to sit by his side on the ‘Bench’ & tell him what to do; & Crooked Joe Biden, who has WEAPONIZED his Department of Injustice against his Political Opponent, & allowed our Country to go to HELL; & all of the other Radical Left Lunatics, Communists, Fascists, Marxists, Democrats, & RINOS, who are seriously looking to DESTROY OUR COUNTRY,” the ex-president posted. “Have no fear, however, we will WIN the Presidential Election of 2024, & MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!”

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